The Platform

is a secure, web-based and easy to use digital platform.

✔ Simple search and comparison of raw materials

✔ Development and optimization of formulations

✔ Prompt composition and delivery of (material) safety data sheets, labels and safety instructions

✔ Innovative, in-app branded visibility of your products

✔ Effective sales tool and technical support on the spot

Smart Search

No more nerve-wracking and time-consuming search for the right material

Do you still spend most of the time searching for relevant information and looking at static PDF documents? It’s a slow and boring process. Except limited searching, you can’t really do anything useful with such search engines.

Now you can find exact material for your formulation. Materials are searchable by type, more than 1000 properties and 120 parameters.

Virtual Lab

You will look for an excuse to go and play with the Allchemist

Here’s your personal lab to do real work, from defining, comparing, to improving starting formulations.

It’s your private and personal part of the application where you save interesting products, raw materials. Nobody else but you can see this part of application.

Chemical Documentation

A simpler and more economical online solution for creating or ordering and managing (Material) Safety Data Sheets, labels and safety instructions

How do you create, update, manage and share your chemical documentation? PDFs? Word? These static (M)SDSs are boring, can’t follow legislation or composition changes, are difficult to share and are pain to store or keep track of.

That’s why we spent six years (on top of 20 more years of experience) building a (M)SDS management system that is easy to use and always up to date.


All of our subscriptions cater to your every need

With us, you don’t have to scratch your head over which plan is right for your organization nor paying for services you don’t need.

We charge a monthly subscription for each user account, while you order additional service when you need it and use it.

Simple as that.


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