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No more nerve-wracking and time consuming search for the right material

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Free smart search

Today you can search and compare anything you want – from hotels to automobiles. It’s time we change that in the chemical industry as well. Use the absolutely FREE and SAFE smart search.

Search the public lab

Public lab is a database of materials that were published by various raw material companies around the world. You can use these materials directly in the formulation you are working on.

Build your private library

You can add any materials you like to your private lab, so you can easily find and use them when you need them. Or simply share them with somebody else. And since it’s private only you can access it.

Information you can use

Why stop at search results if you can’t use them? What if you had a phone and email of the person in charge of a particular material you’re interested in? Now you can consult with them about the material’s price.

Problem solving search

When formulating new products, you often don’t quite know what material or substance you are looking for. What you know are the characteristics of a material that would help you solve your problem. By entering parameters you can find a particular material that fits your parametric search.

One-of-a-kind material search engine

Search materials by type, more than 1000 properties and 120 parameters. Allchemist enables you to quickly and easily pinpoint the right material that fits your needs for a new or improved formulation.

When you know exactly what you need

Imagine finding an additive with a refractive index around 1.40, of viscosity around 30 mPas and with iodine color number equal to 1 in just seconds. Impossible? No! It’s that simple with Allchemist.

Dynamic comparison

Search is not just about finding something. The dynamic comparison function instantly compares materials during your search and gives you information on the best possible options for your project.

Understanding producer’s language

We built a bridge – between the language of producers and the language of independent parameters. This enables you to quickly and easily find the best product you are looking for.

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