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Digital tool for the R&D

Mix raw materials directly from the database. Allchemist automatically calculates parameters (like density, VOC, solids, etc.) of the formulation and shows you hazard pictograms as you add ingredients.

My Lab

It’s your private and personal part of the application where you save interesting products and raw materials. Nobody else but you can see this part of application. Even Allchemist administrators don’t have access to this part of your laboratory.

Use the data you already have

If you have your data on raw materials in Excel spreadsheets, as most of formulators do, than we can simply import these data to Allchemist. And you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Plug and play

We’ve already filled it with tryout data so you can immediately start playing with Allchemist. Easily formulat that product you were thinking of or make a quick reformulation.

Optimize formulations

You can easily try various combinations of materials in a new or pre-existing formulation. You have everything you need to formulate the best possible product with ease.

Share data with a couple of clicks

No more manual transcripts and typos. Just think about it. How much time can this save you? You can share products the same way you share contact information from your smart phone via text messenger.

Bank level secure

We use 2048 bit certificate and support 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption on every page so you’re always protected. Your formulations are encrypted, and you’ll be able to log in with two-factor authentication!

One platform for all

Allchemist is serving your aspirations, needs and wants. It’s purpose is to help you build better products faster and smarter while connecting and interacting with colleagues and experts.

Cost-effective planning

Powerful search and transparency of suitable raw materials make every R&D decision optimal. Your formulations will always include materials with the perfect ratio between price and quality.

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