great coatings and save up to 48% of the throughput time

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Free White Paper Learn how can your organization save up to 70% of the non-value-added time and up to 48% of the throughput time for conceiving and launching an entirely new product.
Free White Paper

This paper presents brand new data that demonstrates that shifting to an outsourced, cloud-based technical enabler, in the form of a database application that allows for virtual experimentation, reduces non-value-added work by reducing throughput time for R&D departments in the paints and coatings industry.

These new studies indicate that this new phenomenon shows a revolutionary way forward towards increased profits for companies, happier and more productive staff, and a more sustainable future.

Frankly speaking, is this still the way to formulate & reformulate?
Formulators (R&D):
  • Are you wasting valuable time with gathering valid SDSs & TDSs from different chemical selectors that are scattered and often too general?
  • How much time and energy go into transcribing and processing data from each PDF you get?
  • How easy is it for you to get additional information on the material/chemical (the one that is not in SDS and TDS)?
  • How many samples do you actually test in the laboratory?
  • If the formulation is not satisfactory (in terms of hazards, price, end product performance), do you have to do it all over again

There is a better way to do it

Source & immediately formulate raw materials/chemicals from the Allchemist public laboratory or store data of chemicals you are already using in your own private laboratory.

You don’t have to do it by yourself, we can help.
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Search for chemicals digitally, by the exact parameters you need, by more than 1000 properties, company name, CAS numbers, coating functions, the problem you need to solve in your end product and more. Compare chemicals side by side on one screen without manually extracting data from various TDS’s and SDS’s.


Use chemical data directly in the formulation mixer. The formulation mixer
automatically calculates hazards and parameters like VOC, solids, density, total PVC, pigment PVC, and pigment/binder ratio of the formulation,
you are developing.

You can also add the price and get the idea of the product cost.

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Create SDS

After the laboratory work, and when you are ready to launch the product, create (M)SDS’s, labels and safety instructions for 30+ markets faster than ever. Labels are customizable with a just few clicks! Say goodbye to backlogs on products and samples.


what Allchemist
can do for you

How it works?

Find and compare materials, mix them, forumalate, and do it again for another formulation.

25 years of experience

Allchemist is a part of the BENS Consulting group which has been in the market since 1995. We help you with access to essential information for the entire field of chemical regulation, whether it pertains to REACH, biocides, transport of dangerous goods, general chemical compliances or expert training and auditing.

Our motto is: “Work with data, not documents.”

The development of Allchemist is a result of all our hands-on know-how and experience combined with our data-driven culture. Allchemist is a digital platform connecting suppliers and formulators in the paints and coatings industry in a unique and unified digital environment.

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