You provide

cutting-edge raw materials/chemicals, but how well does the global community of formulators really know that?

Do not let your customers wait for the additional technical support or data sheets regarding the specific material. Formulators are 58% of the way through a new purchase before they reach out to you. Use that to your advantage!
Frankly, is this really the way to accommodate your customers?
  • Are you still relying on generic “contact us” forms when it comes to lead generation?
  • How many e-mails, telephone calls and visits does it take you to get all the necessary product information to the potential customer?
  • Do the data on PDF docs make it impossible to track changes & manage who has the most recent valid document?
  • Can you really process all your data and plan for future innovations like AI, ML, IoT, etc. when you have information on PDF docs?
  • 58% of B2B industrial manufacturer purchasers start online research before they contact you. How well can they really inform themselves about your products’ uniqueness?
  • How timely and complicated are processes for offering technical help to the customer (technical experts have to be familiarized with third party materials too)?
  • How much time can you afford to spend on smaller accounts – with higher profit margins?
  • Does your organization deal with the internal data chaos?
  • How much do these processes prolong sales cycles?

There is a better way to do business

Do not let the uniqueness of your products get lost in unprocessable and untrackable TDSs and SDSs docs. We are here to help you focus on working with data instead of juggling with documents. Enter your product portfolio in Allchemist and help yourself and your customers with shorter and hassle-free processes.

We can help you with the digitalization of your portfolio.
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Publish products

✔ Store product portfolio data digitally in one place and reap the benefits of efficiency with internal and external communication with digitally stored data in one place that is easy to maintain, track and share.

✔ Your product portfolio can be always up to date and there is no reason to confuse the most recent valid product version anymore. It is like Google Drive – one source of truth. When you make the change, everyone else receives that change too. You can share material data as easily as you can share telephone numbers via text on your smartphone.

✔ Boost your branded presence to the community of formulators worldwide.

Shorten sales cycles

✔ Do business more quickly by saying goodbye to juggling with brochures, PDF docs, and catalogs.

✔ Shorten sales cycles. Turn sales reps into a powerhouse by equipping them with the technical service tool on the go. Reserve technical experts’ knowledge for the accounts that matter the most.

✔ Collaborate with your customers together in a customer-centric environment that makes knowledge distribution safe, fast and convenient.

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Generate high-quality leads

✔  Become customer-centric and generate high-quality leads.

✔  Turn the experience of getting familiar with your materials a joy to use.

✔  Formulators are 58% of the way through a new purchase before they reach out to you. Use that to your advantage!

Embrace digital transformation and unlock the new value

Know your products

Empower your sales team with the strong product knowledge base – on the go, with the help of Allchemist.

Maintain your credibility

Introduce your digitized product portfolio, new materials, and starting point formulations faster than ever imagined.

Collaborate globally

Communicate and innovate together with your global customers in the same, secure digital environment.


what Allchemist
can do for you

Get your products discovered

Enlist & Categorize materials
Reach your audience
Enable your customers to find your products anytime and anywhere, and to get the answers to the most common questions. Help them to save time and at the same time reduce the burden of your sales and technical support teams.
Browse & Search
Research has never been so easy
Get your customers to know your products. In the smart library, every material is defined by keywords and parameters that prompt the best fitting choices to R&D experts.
Highlight & Promote
Branded products easy to find
Make products branded and easy to find: Boost your presence in the database by appearing as you should. Branded and noticeable – easy to find and contact.
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Help your salespeople and distributors

No matter how many products you have, and how well your salespeople and distributors know them, with Allchemist® they can provide relevant and reliable advice to anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Let them simply log in to Allchemist, search for the needed type of the material, match its parameters and properties with the new or pre-existing formulation and make the final deal, right in the formulator’s office or on the go.

Instant digitalization

Having your product portfolio instantly digitalized is easy with Allchemist.


25 years of experience

Allchemist is a part of the BENS Consulting group which has been in the market since 1995. We help you with access to essential information for the entire field of chemical regulation, whether it pertains to REACH, biocides, transport of dangerous goods, general chemical compliances or expert training and auditing.

Our motto is: “Work with data, not documents.”

The development of Allchemist is a result of all our hands-on know-how and experience combined with our data-driven culture. Allchemist is a digital platform connecting suppliers and formulators in the paints and coatings industry in a unique and unified digital environment.


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