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First Impressions

"Allchemist helped our department optimize the development workflow and clients’ order time. New formulations are developed quickly, and the Virtual Lab features have noticeably reduced our costs, due to a shorter time of lab work, automatic preliminary calculations, and more efficient documentation delivery. It also seems that our developers got more creative in finding new solutions.”
“Allchemist helps me at cutting off a large percentage of time I used to spend on searching for the right material and manual data processing. Now I can focus on important aspects when formulating or reformulating. Virtual Lab allows me to play with infinitive possibilities while calculating the basic parameters (like density, VOC, solids, etc.), monitoring the price, and seeing all formulation hazards – all at the same time.”
“Allchemist is a must-have tool for every sales representative in the paint and coatings industry. R&D teams can find our materials faster and we can be more relevant to the customers when visiting them. Printed catalogues made it impossible to know all the details of each material in our portfolio. Now I can quickly and easily share the materials with developers via Allchemist, who can instantly check its every detail and its compatibility with their formulations.”
Marketing & Sales
“Before Allchemist our documentation was all over the place. It was challenging to keep up with the last valid version of each Safety Data Sheet and all the updates that were made. It was confusing and we were wasting too much time on it. Now we have everything under control and we don’t have to burden our IT-team with label preparation. In Allchemist we can do so much in a matter of seconds.”

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