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We rolled out a new design that will make the user experience even more productive

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Our number one goal has been clear from the beginnings; listen to users’ needs and make Allchemist frictionless as possible.

Allchemist is delivering you the fully digital journey when it comes to finding and comparing the perfect raw material/chemical for your next project, formulating the product with the best performance and fewer hazards, creating (M)SDS for 30+ markets, generating print-ready labels, or creating your digital product inventory that is manageable and maintainable via a single source of truth across the entire organization or supply chain.  

Based on the regular feedback evaluation, we are continually adding new features and improving user experience with Allchemist. 

A complete interface improvement was one of them. We embarked on that journey almost six months ago. From the beginning, we tried to be objective and reasonable. Instead of throwing in what we like or assuming we knew what was right, we let our users take us to the right solution. 

Hence, we first revised Allchemist to serve our main goal: Allow users to focus on their work  without any distractions when using it. 

These are just a handful of novelties we implemented: 

  • Since we detected one of the biggest users’ stumbling block was the inability to quickly find and navigate between different features and parts of the software, we created a so-called Tools. It is primarily working as a starting point dashboard – one place where users have a complete software overview and starting point for each new project. You can also access to the help center or contact form much easier via this dashboard.  


  • You’ll also notice that the maneuvering between your private lab and the public lab is much clearer as it is accessing directly to formulation mixer or quick reports like Regulatory Dashboard. 



  • We made some tweaks on the edit label tool. Although labels are automatically populated according to the SDS content in Allchemist, you have to change its size, decide on the label language(s), etc. We created it so it works even faster. 



  •  One of the most exciting features when it comes to boosting users’ productivity is multiple product action. Now you can select various products (chemicals, formulations, or SDSes) directly in your private or public lab and do the action with all of them at the same time. You can start a new formulation, add them to the existing formulation, share them, create transport documents (ADR), and many more. 

Check out our new design for yourself HERE >> 

If you’d like to have a quick talk with me about Allchemist functionalities and its fit to your organizational needs, don’t hesitate to contact me HERE >> 

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