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API stands for an application programming interface. In other words, API is the communication language that apps use to communicate with each other. If you want to avoid or eliminate manual work, you connect two or more applications for automated data transfer and process automation.


Safety data sheet API

If you want to have linked DIGITAL safety data sheets to your ERP or CRM system, this API is the right choice.

Allchemist produces digital safety data sheets (permalinks) that can be linked directly into your ERP or CRM system. This way, you can fully automate transferring and updating SDSs in your ERP.

If you want to learn more about how digital safety data sheets compare to old-fashioned PDFs, check our video on this topic HERE.

Get SDS API allows you to:

  • Retrieve a specific SDS (Allchemist permalink) to your ERP or CRM
  • Retrieve a list of SDSs (Allchemist permalinks) to your ERP or CRM (based on criteria)

CLP data API

This API comes in handy if you need to transfer hazard classification and labeling information from safety data sheets to your ERP, CRM, e-commerce site or any other system or external application.

Instead of doing it manually, you can save a lot of time by implementing the API that will transfer and update your apps regularly.

The API will transfer hazard statements, precautionary statements, hazard pictograms and a signal word and other related information.

The requirements:

  • Your safety data sheets must be in Allchemist.
  • Your E-commerce/webshop service provider must know how to call an API.

Webshop/e-commerce API

If you sell chemicals online, this is the API for you.

For every hazardous chemical, you make available online, you must include some mandatory text in the product’s description. This text depends on the hazards of the chemical.

One way to do this is to transcribe it manually from safety data sheets. However, considering that the information may change regularly, the manual process can quickly become a nightmare project.

This is why we developed Web Shop API in Allchemist. It helps you connect Allchemist to your e-commerce site or a webshop and automatically transfer mandatory data.

The requirements:

  • Your safety data sheets must be in Allchemist.
  • Your E-commerce/webshop service provider must know how to call an API.


ADR stands for Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

This API is very useful if you ship dangerous goods by road. According to ADR, you must calculate points and prepare a compliant transport document containing mandatory information for every shipment.

Many companies do this in their ERPs, but they must get a lot of information from safety data sheets (to their ERPs) to do it right. Furthermore, the data may change, and they must constantly update their ERPs. In addition, the requirements for transport documents may also change, so they must take care of them too.

If you don’t want to worry about the calculation algorithm and the correctness of transport documents, you can use Allchemist ADR API to automate the entire process.

Allchemist’ ADR API incorporates all the logic and helps you automatically determine ADR requirements (calculate ADR points) and prepare compliant transport documents directly from a purchase order or an invoice.

The requirements:

  • Your safety data sheets must be in Allchemist.
  • Your ERP administrator/service provider must know how to call an API.
6 reasons why

Allchemist gives you certainty and comfort


(M)SDS tool is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Creating (M)SDSs, print-ready labels and safety instructions is a great option for organizations, who have in-house Health, Safety and Environment experts,  know-how and experience in creating (material) safety data sheets. With Allchemist you don’t need costly IT maintenance and back-ups.


With our help your (Material) Safety Data Sheets, labels and safety instructions will always be up to date and in compliance with the latest European legislation and . This means that you don’t have to follow legislation yourself – Allchemist team will automatically update all the (M)SDS templates according to the latest regulatory requirements.


(M)SDSs will be generated based on entered composition, parameters and the calculated classification of the product. In each section of the (M)SDS, you have an edit option enabling you to quickly customize its contents according to your individual needs and wants. Our team of experts will take care of regulatory updates and requirements while you focus on your product.


With Allchemist (M)SDS tool you’ll easily keep track of chemical documentation, labels and safety instructions. You’ll keep them all at one place, having the track of the last valid version available to you anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to share them directly via e-mail, links or QR code.


Chemical documentation you get in Allchemist is personalized and always adjusted to best fit your business requirements. (M)SDS comes with your company logo on it, and the print-ready label is automatically created according to your (M)SDS with all the required information.


Allchemist is a bank-level-security application and takes care of your intellectual property safekeeping. With “Order (M)SDS” option (coming soon), the author of the (M)SDS will see only essential information required for its creation; the chemical composition of the mixture in terms of substances. We don’t need your full formulation and we will not see your full formulation when creating your (M)SDS.

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