Smart technical data sheets

Say hello to the new era of technical datasheets! Technical data sheets on PDFs & papers are challenging and time-consuming to manage.

1. First, you have to design them with manual data input (each version of TDS is manually crafted).

2. Then, you must manually upload them to various databases, webpages, 3rd party chemical marketplaces, etc.

3. After that, you must manually send those TDSes throughout the supply chain (customers, business partners, suppliers, etc.).

Because it’s time you stop with this manual nonsense, we developed a fully digital technical data sheets generator that works as a dynamic product website.

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Easier management and product overview

Leverage centralized data.
A significant portion of the information on technical data sheets overlaps with the one on safety data sheets. Why wouldn’t you leverage that when creating technical data sheets? Why don’t you use this information instead of transcribing it over and over again?

Don’t input data manually when creating TDS. By doing so, your product data is not harmonized through the organization and supply chain.

What do we mean by that?
Product data in Chemius is harmonized through different ways of use and documents. For instance, updating the product name or density in the product’s SDS automatically updates the label, regulatory dashboard, safety instructions, and TDS as well.

No more internal or external discrepancies in product data! Keep all your documentation synchronized throughout the entire organization.

Customize TDS with dynamic media

The easy-to-use interface lets you customize your TDSes following your corporate visual identity and embed other media, like a video or 3D animation.

The best part is that once TDSes are finished, they can be shared directly from Chemius or via a simple link. See, you don’t have to send boring PDFs or papers anymore. Instead, send the link to an interactive product page.

Recipients of these TDSes can use data directly in their next project. And when information changes on your TDSes, it also changes on the recipient side.

You see, no more manual work for your business partners or organization!

Your customers, partners & distributors will thank you

Chemius doesn’t only take care of your entire organization but your whole supply chain too.

Your customers, partners, and distributors won’t be confused about which data is still valid or up-to-date. Besides, they’ll be able to use the information immediately in their next project, regulatory dashboard, safety data sheets, or technical data sheets.

Just imagine how much time you could save them and yourself with such a solution.

6 reasons why

Allchemist gives you certainty and comfort


(M)SDS tool is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Creating (M)SDSs, print-ready labels and safety instructions is a great option for organizations, who have in-house Health, Safety and Environment experts,  know-how and experience in creating (material) safety data sheets. With Allchemist you don’t need costly IT maintenance and back-ups.


With our help your (Material) Safety Data Sheets, labels and safety instructions will always be up to date and in compliance with the latest European legislation and . This means that you don’t have to follow legislation yourself – Allchemist team will automatically update all the (M)SDS templates according to the latest regulatory requirements.


(M)SDSs will be generated based on entered composition, parameters and the calculated classification of the product. In each section of the (M)SDS, you have an edit option enabling you to quickly customize its contents according to your individual needs and wants. Our team of experts will take care of regulatory updates and requirements while you focus on your product.


With Allchemist (M)SDS tool you’ll easily keep track of chemical documentation, labels and safety instructions. You’ll keep them all at one place, having the track of the last valid version available to you anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to share them directly via e-mail, links or QR code.


Chemical documentation you get in Allchemist is personalized and always adjusted to best fit your business requirements. (M)SDS comes with your company logo on it, and the print-ready label is automatically created according to your (M)SDS with all the required information.


Allchemist is a bank-level-security application and takes care of your intellectual property safekeeping. With “Order (M)SDS” option (coming soon), the author of the (M)SDS will see only essential information required for its creation; the chemical composition of the mixture in terms of substances. We don’t need your full formulation and we will not see your full formulation when creating your (M)SDS.

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