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Independent Study: Opportunities for the Digital Transformation of the R&D Process for Paints and Coatings

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In a new study published in the Days of Slovenian Informatics 2019 was found that using an innovative digital platform Allchemist can largely eliminate process functions that do not add value, can significantly reduce the number of repetitions of certain process steps, and can shorten the development time.

The research conducted by Tomaž Kern, Benjamin Urh, Marjan Senegačnik and Eva Krhač from the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Laboratory of Enterprise Engineering was undertaken in 2018 and is still ongoing.

During the research, snapshots of the development process for paints and coatings were taken at several firms of various sizes and organizational structures. The process snapshots were drawn up on the basis of structured interviews with professionals with detailed knowledge of the processes who conduct key activities in them.

Simulation of the revamped process revealed that this approach to work could significantly speed up the process. In the revamped development process it is possible to save over 47% of the throughput time.  

At the close of the research, which was intended to determine whether the use of digital technologies could optimize the development of paints and coatings, it can be concluded that there is already an information platform that makes this possible.

The Allchemist platform, which was originally intended for the creation of the mandatory documentation that accompanies chemical products, has potential in acting as information support and in optimizing the entire development process.

In conclusion, it is reasonable to support and encourage producers of ingredients for paints and coatings to enter data about the ingredients that they produce into a global database.

When the body of data about ingredients is sufficiently large and up-to-date, the benefits of using the platform in the development process will be evident in practice.

The full article (translated from Slovene to English) can be found HERE, while you can slide through the presentation HERE.

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