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Formulation mixer, how does it work?

The formulation mixer is in the 3rd step when creating a new formulation.

Here you can play with endless possibilities and observe all hazards and calculations like density, VOC, solids etc. as you add different materials into your specific formulation.

The Formulation Mixer uses raw material data from Allchemist Public materials database and from your private lab.

In order to work properly, the formulation mixer requires the following information:

  • Proper classification of materials used in a formulation. Classification of materials affects parameters like pigment to volume concentration and pigment to binder ratio.
  • The chemical composition of materials used in a formulation. Hazard classification of the final formulation is calculated on the basis of chemical composition of materials and the hazard classification of substances contained.
  • Entered general parameters for materials used in a formulation. These parameters, especially the physical state, density of solvents, density, weight organic solvents and the solid content are essential for the calculation of physical parameters in the formulation mixer. If case some of these parameters are missing, the calculation will be incorrect.

When creating materials and/or formulations, please try to provide at least parameters in the general parameters section. This will enable you and your team to faster find products and to keep your virtual lab organized. The consistency of the data is very important.

Watch this quick video for more information:

Further reading:

1. Parameters tab

2. Health & Safety tab

3. Files & Recommendation tab

4. Preview & Finalize

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