Parameters tab

In this section, you are asked to enter the technical parameters of the product.

Here you can add general parameters, like physical form, viscosity, density, solids, as well as specific parameters related to specific types of materials.

On the right side, you can find the navigation that also serves as a summary. After you add parameters, the values appear in the navigation box.

Use the navigation to quickly jump to the desired parameter.

In inputs, you can also use operators like lower than (<), greater than (>) and equal to (=). You can also enter data in ranges – i.e. if a viscosity of a material is between 500 to 700 mPas, you can enter the value “500 – 700” in the value input.

The parameters, especially the physical state, density of solvents, density, weight organic solvents, and the solid content are essential for the calculation of physical parameters in the formulation mixer. In case some of these parameters are missing, the calculation will be incorrect.  

When creating materials and/or formulations, please try to provide at least parameters in the general parameters section. This will enable you and your team to faster find products and to keep your virtual lab organized.

Furthermore, the pH value, boiling point and flashpoint may also affect the calculation of hazards.

The consistency of the data is very important. Sometimes it takes only a minute to enter a parameter but it can save days to your colleague or customer.

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