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How is Allchemist helping the paints & coatings industry with a fast and painless digital upgrade needed in the latest global uncertainty?

If the digital transformation was considered as a thing of the future yesterday, it is clear we’ll have to push boundaries today.  

The latest series of events showed to the chemical industry that overhaul of legacy infrastructure (which is causing multiple frictions even in the normal circumstances), face-to-face prospecting and paper-pushing processes simply won’t work anymore.

How agile is your organization when it comes to working from home when conferences and expos are being suspended, sales teams grounded and physical labs closed? 

Allchemist can’t solve all these issues, but it can certainly help you with a fast, uncomplicated,  and inexpensive upgrade to your current system. It accommodates uninterrupted work from anywhere and up-to-date data sharing throughout the entire supply chain.

Allchemist is a cloud-based platform bringing suppliers and formulators in the paints & coatings industry together 24/7 from everywhere.

What does this exactly mean?

1. Allchemist is a cloud-based platform

Allchemist is keeping all your data securely and can be accessed from anywhere, in your public as well as the private lab. All formulations and raw materials/chemicals in the private lab are kept behind a secure wall where not even our development team can venture.

Cloud-based platform offers all kinds of perks; like remote access to your always up-to-date data from anywhere, getting the data you need just in time and in a form that you need and work on your formulas from any remote location

Storing your data in a cloud also means that it is impervious to any local threats like natural disasters, emergency situations, and any other location-based situations. Also, the cloud offers an opportunity to synchronize the entire enterprise and the entire supply chain. And once-massive data sets are combined in one place, the organization can apply advanced analytics for integrated insights.

With Allchemist you also get a greater potential for scalability whereas legacy private systems will have difficulty tackling scalability issues, especially across business units and partners.

Send us an inquiry HERE or reserve your date now.

With Allchemist you’ll find interconnectivity easier than legacy systems downtime, and that is what you need. 

2. Formulation experimentations from anywhere

If you are a part of an R&D team, experimenting with different formulations with Allchemist at a remote location will not be an issue. Developing formulations and testing compounds in a virtual/digital environment before you even get into gritty elbow and grease work of checking results in a lab.

Allchemist enables you to draft your formulations online, not just in a lab and enables you to pick the best candidates for final production formulation before ordering samples for lab tests.

Once the formulation is approved and verified, you can send it directly to production from Allchemist thus shortening procedures and minimizing communication protocols between R&D and production.

In Allchemist you are able to automatically calculate production cost, hazards, weight, density, VOC and many other calculations needed for formulation you are creating, enabling you to follow up any number of pre-production KPI’s you need to hit.

Within Allchemist Formulation mixer you can find a way to optimize your well-tuned recipes.

3. Raw material suppliers: communicate with your customers directly

Don’t let your customers wait for the additional technical support, sales rep visit or data sheets regarding a specific material.  With Allchemist you can resolve most of your customer’s problems, and answer all of their questions on the spot – exactly when they need it.

Allchemist is here to help you focus on working with data instead of juggling documents and brochures. 

Enlist your product portfolio in Allchemist (privately or publicly) and make every customer decision hassle-free – regardless of where they are.

You and your team can communicate with your customers directly through the same platform regardless of the location.

This comes very handy when traveling is not an option, suppliers can still get new leads or help formulators to find the right product for their project by giving them all the information they need in a processable form.

Allchemist enables you to create branded dossiers of products within a public lab, accessible to anyone. This will help you communicate directly to your customers with your branded product portfolio.

Make the experience with your brand personalized, even on a long-distance. All these benefits can be shared throughout the sales funnel, down to the last distributor. 

When there is no downtime

Allchemist enables you to carry your work environment with you wherever you are and makes sure there is no downtime of communication with you and your customers. When you have to manage your starting formulations remotely or simply access data to answer your customer’s question from anywhere in the world, Allchemist is an environment for you.

Allchemist can be used as a sales enablement tool (for suppliers) or as an R&D management tool (for formulators). 

But this will be such a hassle to integrate, right?

Don’t worry – Allchemist, as a platform, seamlessly exchanges data both ways. We have prepared an onboarding program that takes you through discovery and implementation through your processes. We’ve taken care of compatibility, so you don’t have to.

Contact us and find out what you can do NOW.

Send us an inquiry HERE or reserve your date now.

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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