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There’s always a solution or what have we learned from the viral post

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Last week I stumbled across this post on social media. 

It went quite viral; it was shared via many chat platforms & e-mails too.


Although one could easily find it tasteless, it went viral for a reason. Many shared and liked it because it is true. 


Don’t get me wrong – there’s still going to be plenty of bad news coming for a while & there’s a lot of hard work waiting for us after all this settles down.  


But there’s also some good news, and this post reminded me about it.


Humans are a very adaptable species.


We already see it in how quickly online business, the educational world, all sorts of consulting firms, and even restaurants adopted new digital solutions almost overnight.


What does this mean for those in the paints & coatings industry? 


Allchemist brings chemical suppliers and formulators within the paints & coatings industry together through a unique technical & regulatory cloud-based platform.

Allchemist can’t solve all these issues, but it can certainly help you with a fast, uncomplicated,  and inexpensive upgrade to your current system. It accommodates uninterrupted work from anywhere and up-to-date data sharing throughout the entire supply chain.

I’m starting to see the data come in from our users – and we’ve got some exciting patterns that are developing and showing.

Let’s get quickly over the main features you can use in Allchemist.

Chemical Suppliers:

✔  Formulators are 58% of the way through a new purchase before they reach out to you. Use that to your advantage! Why prolong those sales cycles by letting your customers wait for the additional technical support or data sheets regarding the specific material.

✔  You provide cutting-edge raw materials/chemicals, let your potential customers know that immediately.

✔  Store product portfolio in Allchemist and reap the benefits of efficiency with internal & external communication with digitally stored data that is easy to maintain, track and share.

✔  Shorten your sales cycles by saying goodbye to juggling with brochures, PDF docs, and catalogs.

✔  Turn the experience of getting familiar with your materials into a joy. Become customer-centric and start generating high-quality leads.


Quick & easy for formulators (R&D):

✔ No more time-consuming manual data processing and waiting for the information about particular material/chemical properties.

✔ Find the right material/chemical you need. Search by exact parameters, by coatings functions, brand names, CAS numbers, the problem you need to resolve in your product, by more than 1000 properties and much more.

✔ Use chemical data directly in the Allchemist formulation mixer and observe hazards and parameters (like VOC, solids, density, PVC, etc.) of the product you are developing.

✔ Allchemist offers you everything you need to create the best possible formulation from the initial concept to chemical documentation.


Please know that if you’re among those with the expired free trial, you can write to me (, and I’ll extend your free trial period for 30 more days. No questions asked.

Remember, there’s always a solution! Set up your Allchemist work environment and leverage the digital advantage.

Contact me for a quick introduction call HERE.


Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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