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Innovative nano protective materials now in Allchemist

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We’re excited to have Nano-Care Deutschland AG on board!

Nano-Care company is this year’s German innovation award winner that focuses on effective nano protection solutions with the help of nanotechnology, one of today’s most innovative fields of study. 

With ready-made products, concentrates and raw materials, Nano-Care offers nano protection solutions made to fit your needs. 

Now you can use their materials directly in your Allchemist formulation mixer and make any material or surface more resilient, durable and hygienic. 

Some can be formulated in demineralized water-based coating systems, and other in ethanol or other solvents.

By using their products:

  • surfaces gain new functionality without visual or physical impairment
  • textiles become chemical, oil, grease and water-repellent
  • plastics become more resistant
  • natural stones and concrete remain free of moss, bacteria and dirt
  • precious metals are protected against corrosion and graffiti
  • micro-organisms cannot adhere to surfaces
  • glass and plastics no longer mist-up
  • surfaces remain long-term sterile
  • textiles remain permanently free of unpleasant odors
  • outdated C8 fluorocarbon systems can be replaced by more environmentally friendly technologies with no loss of performance
  • fingerprints disappear on textured glass or stainless steel

Check out the content about Nano-Care materials characteristics in Allchemist:

Nanoflex Konzentrat TP:

Nanoflex Dura concentrate:

Nanoflex VP 20 concentrate: 

Liquid Guard concentrate:

Nanoflex Konzentrat SP:

Learn more about Nano-care products.

If you want to learn more about the microbe busting sanitary coating – Liquid Guard, you’re more than welcome to read the Daily Scanner interview with Oliver Sonntag, CEO, Nano-care Deutschland AG HERE >>

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