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Independent Research: Reducing Laboratory Test Waste in the Coating Development Process

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New research proves the possibility of reducing the negative environmental impacts that arise in the new coating development by redesigning the process and implementing modern informational technologies. 

We’re excited to announce that the independent research Reducing Laboratory Test Waste in the Coating Development Process conducted by B. Urh, M. Senegačnik, T. Kern, and E. Krhač of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences showed that the redesigned process (in coating development) significantly cuts the number of laboratory tests, thus amounts of waste.

“By obtaining data from cloud databases, the environmental relevance as well as the price acceptability of each formulation can be checked, even before the laboratory tests were carried out. Consequently, only those formulations that were environmentally and cost suitable were tested. In this way, the number of laboratory tests were significantly minimized, and consequently, amounts of waste were reduced to a minimum.”

This affects a more sustainable approach when developing new or improved products in the paint & coatings industry.

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