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Improve Employee Experience and you will Improve the Return on Investment

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The business world is ever more aware of the correlation between happiness at work and organizational growth.

The research backs this up. A study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick showed that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity.

If you understand the correlation between employee happiness and productivity in the workplace, it’s only logical that you ask yourself what it takes to make someone more satisfied in their workplace.

What about the paint and coatings industry?

When developing the Allchemist platform, the whole team was focused on different aspects of the real needs that people in the paint and coatings industry face each day. We were meticulous and ruthless with ourselves.

We asked many questions throughout all of the developing stages of this unique digital platform.

Our main priority was to remove as many points of friction from those working within the industry as possible.

That includes the chemical R&D processes, as well as the activities of the sales and marketing departments.

From creating the first wire-frame of the platform to completing the final product, our main goal was creating a tool to help people do things they are the best at, with full power and efficiency.

Main frustration factors in the workplace:

When questioning those working in different departments of the paint and coatings industry, our picture of their exact frustrations and needs became clearer.

  • Too much paperwork in R&D: It’s tedious to collect specific data of raw materials, compare and analyze that data and then manually rewrite that same data into another system. Usually, large organizations use their own licensed software solutions, while mid- and small-sized companies require their formulators to rewrite this data in Excel. There they compare parameters or go to the lab and mix all the samples of raw materials till they get the right formulation that matches the expected quality, HSE and price of the end product.
  • Time-consuming knowledge distribution: Based on our research, R&D people usually wait for weeks, sometimes even months for the right technical and safety data sheet of required raw materials. That doesn’t only affect R&D, but the whole supply chain, which can have a drastic impact on economic growth. The longer the supply chain and the more people involved, the longer it takes to get information from the manufacturer to the end customer. It seems to us that direct sharing of  needed data would make a significant difference in shortening the time for processes completion in R&D.
  • The legislation is something to take very seriously, especially in the chemical industry. We fully understand it and stand by it. However, the processes of creating (material) safety data sheet for each material, sample or end product that complies with the right markets are far from standardized, in the paint and coatings industry. It seems to us that every organization faces different obstacles and processes when it comes to creating (M)SDS and labels. Some organizations create very costly internal solutions, others are paying third-party legislation companies or authoring them alone. Whatever the process, it seems like the frustrations are the same. Such solutions, besides not being cost-effective, often do not take into account that each (M)SDS must be regularly updated, not to mention translated into different languages.
  • Sales effectiveness seems to be a continuous stumbling block of the industry. To be entirely clear, we are not saying that salespeople are not up to the challenge. We clearly understand the need for a very specific knowledge a person should have in this line of work. It’s almost impossible to know every specification of every raw material in the portfolio. Salespeople often cannot resolve all the issues and answer all the questions that R&D asks, on the spot.


  • Overloaded technical support is tightly connected to the issues mentioned above. Because sales representatives often lack answers to very detailed questions, technical support departments suffer an overflow of inquiries.

This, again, leads to wasting time on both ends; the customer is still waiting on details and cannot continue to develop new products, while a final sale cannot be made.

The Allchemist platform empowers your team with:

  • An increase in creativity and effectiveness: Work directly with data instead of with papers. Find exactly the material you need in a matter of minutes.
  • Maximizing product knowledge: No matter where you are, by simply logging into Allchemist, you can compare materials and make sure that they fit into the particular formulation. With Allchemist, you can seal the deal right at the formulator’s office, or while you have them on the phone. Quickly and easily.
  • Easy and efficient search and comparison of necessary raw materials. Find exactly the material for your formulation. Materials are searchable by type, and by more than 1000 properties and 120 parameters.
  • Creating team solutions: Allchemist provides you with new products and starting point formulations that comply with HSE regulations. You and your team will have full power over the suitable HSE and prices of materials. Those are added in real time and on the same screen, when you mix the materials, whether in a pre-existing or new formulation.

We have you covered! No more friction in your work processes. Empower your teams, from sales & marketing to formulators, with a hassle-free work environment, and let them do the things they are best at.

Allchemist offers all you will need for maximum economic success in the shortest amount of time.

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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