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How Allchemist improves customer experience with the unique chemical selector and the virtual lab?

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Online searching and online researching for the right information before any kind of interaction with the sales representative became a norm in the B2B world. Users go online to find the right solution or product they are looking for.

The chemical industry is not an exception in that regard.

“… For example, 58% of B2B industrial manufacturer purchasers start online research with a product then follow up with a brand.” (Source: Think with Google

Traditional way

Traditional search engines are scattered (every company has its own) and often too general. They lack the personalized options (like searching by exact chemical parameters) and in the end, information is given on a static paper, PDF (formulators can’t compare characteristics of different materials side-by-side). 

Deciding which chemical is the best fit is the complicated and lengthy process for both sides involved; suppliers and formulators.

Formulators have to open each document, manually process it (transcribing data into their system) just to get the basic information about the product. 

Suppliers, or better yet sales representatives and technical experts have multiple points of friction in the course of knowledge distribution as well. They usually juggle with documents, catalogs, and datasheets, they have to make many phone calls and send a lot of e-mails. This often prolongs the customer buying journey and affects the revenue.

Allchemist way

Considering that in the chemical industry, customers buy various materials and mix them together in order to produce a new product, it’s not enough only to push specific materials. For example, customers/formulators don’t need additives or binders or solvents or pigments – they need additives, binders, pigments, solvents that fit their specific formulation composed of various materials supplied by various companies. 

Therefore, providing them with detailed, relevant, and reliable product information in a processable form, with an option to directly draft formulations in the virtual, digital lab, where they can learn about basic properties of their specific formulation, would make their lives easier and provide them with cutting-edge customer experience.  

Working with Allchemist means working directly with data, instead of traditional PDF docs.

Allchemist cuts the research time which results in shorter sales cycles. 

Allchemist brings suppliers & formulators in the paints & coatings industry together through a unique technical & regulatory service.

“Digital empowers today’s B2B buyer to be nimble — to research rapidly and to make decisions in the moment. In fact, digital destinations — retailer websites, third-party websites, online retailers — are the last stop before purchase for many B2B shoppers.” (Source: Think with Google

I’ll show you how can your organization get the most out of Allchemist

How to generate high-quality leads, personalize your product portfolio and support your customers through a unique technical & regulatory service.

Feel free to find a slot in my calendar.

Customer journey with Allchemist

Let’s have a look at how the journey of sourcing for the new or alternative material looks like in Allchemist. 

 a. It starts with Google search

Formulator turns to Google, let’s say they type “nx 6019” in the search bar because they’ve recently read an article about Cardolite crosslinkers. Please know, this example is only for demonstration purposes. The actual search term could be something different. 

Based on our market research, formulators have a good idea about what kind of material they are looking for. Sometimes they are more specific, for instance, they type in Google “dowsil 11” or ”modaflow”, depending on the material they need or are more general with the search like “Cardolite”.


b. Searching

In Allchemist formulators have the ability to find your materials by more than 1000 properties and 120 parameters, and “play” with endless possibilities. 

For example, with the parametric search, it is easy to find an additive with a refractive index around 1.40, of viscosity around 30 mPas and with iodine color number equal to 1 in just seconds. Does your material fit these criteria?

Searching by needed parameters was a non-existing feature in the chemical industry before Allchemist. 

Documents that you send to your customers-formulators represent a source of information for their key processes – like R&D, HSE management, etc. Even to try your material in their processes they have to transcribe information and data from sheets to their ERP, PIM or R&D tools which is a tedious process and doesn’t help you. These times are gone with a tool like Allchemist.

The long cycles of sending sheets, catalogs, and e-mails back and forth are completely eliminated.

You can share materials with the customer quicker than you share the photo over the messenger app on your phone.

The best part about this is, that if at a later time you change anything in your material, every customer with the link to that material will always have the latest version at their fingertips too. Just like Google Drive collaboration.

Besides, you can attach to every material as many catalogs and brochures you like.

You see, folders full of PDF files are a bit outdated. Don’t you agree?

c. Formulating before going to the real lab

Virtual pre-lab experimentation

By putting different materials in a new or existing formulation, the formulator can immediately observe a change of formulation hazards and calculations like density, solids, VOC, pigment/binder ratio and so on. Formulators can also add their prices and immediately get a better idea of cost performance.

This part of the Allchemist platform is again beneficial to both parts involved. Formulators can reduce product development time by 47%, while suppliers (technical experts) can demonstrate the chemical makeup of their materials in guide formulation or customer’s real formulation. 

And when the formulator decides to contact you, they can do that with click on one button.

You can set different contact information for each material in your product portfolio. That way you can generate high-quality leads and avoid lost contacts in the in-house procedures.

I’ll show you how can your organization get the most out of Allchemist

How to generate high-quality leads, personalize your product portfolio and support your customers through a unique technical & regulatory service.

Feel free to find a slot in my calendar.

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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