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Best Interior Paints Colors Trends in 2020

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Allchemist is a digital tool that helps you develop any coatings. Whether it is industrial, automotive, maintenance, marine, traffic, or architectural coatings like decorative paints. Allchemist can help you do the job more efficiently, without the paperwork (Check the end of this article for more info).

We gathered the best interior color trends in 2020 for professionals working in decorative paints and those who want to bring an air of fresh color in their homes or offices. 🙂

In 2020 earthy tones, moody hues, and deep shades of navy blue will be in trend, experts say

1. Earth tones: Clay, chocolate, burnt orange

In 2019, Sherwin-Williams named its Cavern Clay – terracotta paint color of the year, and you can expect to continue to see earthy tones in this year. According to ElleDecor, it’s time we say goodbye to cool tones that have ruled for so many years. Bring warmth in your home that evokes patina and age in the space.

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels

2. Blue tones: from classic blue, moody peacock to navy blue

Blue is ready to take center stage of your home this year. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is none other than Classic Blue, which will be popping up in homes everywhere in the new year. It’s time we change the central kitchen wall from dull white to navy blue.

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

3. Warm pastels and blush

If your decor includes warm pastel tones or hint of blush, you’re staying in trend for 2020. Warm ones will replace cool pastels, and a blush version of millennial pink is not going anywhere. The ones obsessed with the Scandinavian style should paint buff leather, earthenware, and bleached wood in blush tone for a special effect, according to Ideal Home.

4. Timeless black & white combo

Those who prefer timeless classic and the ones who would like to bring immediate art deco effect will be happy that black & white is still in trend. Moody paint colors, with the off-black tone, have both a calming and invigorating effect, says Giannasio for GH.

5. 50 shades of green

Whether it is bright hunter green or vibrant saturated green, don’t be afraid to embrace it. According to GH, the bright green is timeless, chic, and handsome, while Kristen Peña believes that saturated green creates a mysterious, sexy, and interesting space.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

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