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Announcing four new features to scale your work with Allchemist

We’re excited to announce major updates that make it even easier & faster to get the most out of Allchemist. 

Allchemist is all about delivering you the fully personalized digital journey when it comes to finding and comparing the perfect raw material for your next project, formulating the product with the best performance and fewer hazards, creating (M)SDS for 30+ markets and generating print-ready labels and Transport documents in a few clicks.

That is why our developing team (super smart guys on too many cups of coffee) is always updating and improving your experience with Allchemist.

Let’s see what they were up to in the last couple of months.

1. Find & compare materials even faster

We understand the frustrations with paperwork when searching for the right raw material. You have to go through oceans of PDF files (TDSs and (M)SDS) and manually check every physical and/or chemical property, then figure out if it would fit in your project – manually (by retyping those characteristics).

Because Allchemist works with the digitally stored data you can search for that material you need in many different ways and compare similar ones side-by-side on one screen.

You can search for desired material by the: 

-name of the material

-company name 

-raw material description




-material function

Allchemist is the only platform that enables you searching for materials by physical and/or chemical properties of a raw material that would fit perfectly in your formulation. 

We added new parameters for each material function and deleted those that made no sense. Now you can find what you’re looking for in an even more convenient way.

For example:

Under the pigment category, we added pigment indexes, HEW, NCO, and POT LIFE under the Crosslinkers/Hardeners/Curing agents, Fillers can be searchable by average primary particle size and solvents by exact molecular weight. And so much more.

It is important that you inform us if you are missing some category, parameter, or a property. We can add a new one in no time. Just send us an email at info@allchemist and we’ll take care of it. 

More on searching for the right raw material/chemical in Allchemist HERE >>

2. Easily adjust the quantity of the formulation

Adjusting the quantity of a formulation has never been easier. If you created a specific quantity of a formulation (e.g. 1000 g) and you want to change this quantity (e.g. to 4500 kg) and proportionally recalculate the quantity of ingredients, Allchemist can help. 

Everything you have to do is click on the value you want to adjust and enter the new value. Allchemist will automatically recalculate the quantity of the ingredients and update the whole formulation. 

Use the Adjust function for the automatic calculation.

3. Print labels with a few clicks

We understand that label preparation according to the last valid (M)SDS is usually a very lengthy and complicated process. That’s why we made it simple.

When you create an (M)SDS in Allchemist, you also get the corresponding label that is always in line with the (M)SDS. Moreover, in Allchemist, you can design your own customized labels that fit the size of the package, in just a few clicks.

Are your samples waiting to be shipped but you don’t have the label yet? With Allchemist you’ll be able to label and ship your samples in no time.   

Designed labels can be saved to PDF file for future use. 

You didn’t hear it here, but you’ll be able to order printed labels directly from Allchemist very soon.

4. ADR transport document tool 

This is a completely new feature in Allchemist. 

For the road transport of hazardous chemicals, you need to prepare a transport document.

With ADR transport document tool it’s easy to calculate points based on the number and volume of dangerous goods being transported.   

ADR calculator will automatically calculate ADR points and generate Transport document based on the entered information.

This tool is handy when you need to transport dangerous goods on roads, but you want to avoid full ADR transport requirements (in line with ADR exemptions). 

Because this tool allows you to play with quantities and combinations of dangerous goods, you can keep them under the quota for full ADR transport easily. Using exemptions provided in the ADR can help you to save up to 30% of the transport costs. 

You can export your ADR Transport document to PDF and print it out with a single click on the button.

Note: To use this tool, you have to create (M)SDSs in Allcheimist first.

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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