Research has never been easier or faster

What took you ages just yesterday is now a matter of minutes

Even today’s best paid search engines act like a phone book. You can't search in detail, compare raw materials, let alone make your own selection of materials for later. So you still spend most of the time searching for relevant information and looking at static PDF documents. It’s a slow and boring process. Except limited searching, you can’t really do anything useful with such search engines.

Understanding the content behind names is paramount. Two manufacturers sell similar products but with different names. Or totally different products with similar names. Every company uses slightly different forms giving you a hard time for extracting the right information in the shortest time possible. To be sure you have to print technical data sheets for raw materials from various producers and compare them manually.

No more nerve-wracking and time consuming search

Unparalleled for convenience and choice

Smart search FREE

Today you can search and compare anything you want – from TVs to automobiles – without having to pay a fortune for this basic feature. It’s time we change that in the chemical industry as well. Use the absolutely FREE and SAFE smart search.

Build your library

You can add any products you like to your private lab, so you can find and use them when you need them. Or simply share them with somebody else. And since it’s private only you can access it.

Understanding producer’s language

We built a bridge – between the language of producers and the language of independent parameters. This enables you to quickly and easily find the best product just by choosing the parameters of your choice. No more confusion with product names and similarity of content.

Information you can use

Why stop at search results if you can’t use them? What if you had a phone and email of one specific person in charge of a particular product you’re interested in? Now you can consult with them about the product’s specifics and see how it fits your product formulation.

Problem solving search

In formulating new products, you often don’t quite know what product or substance you are looking for. What you know are the characteristics of a product that would help you solve your problem. Allchemist allows you just that - by entering parameters you can find a particular product (or closest to that) which fits your parametric search.

Providing suggestions

Search is not just about finding something. Allchemist also shows you search results closest to your search parameters telling you by how much these results are different. It’s about opening other possibilities that make you think and consider other options - solutions you otherwise might not think about. Everything’s there in one transparent overview waiting for you to use it as you want it.

Want to compare two pigments or substances but don’t
have the time to do it the usual way?

Things you might be curious about

As a registered user you can use every trick and feature without limitations. Registered users can use every trick and feature without limitations. You can download and share documents you like. You can use the “My lab” feature for creating and storing products or formulation ideas. It’s a private and secure part of Allchemist available only to you as a registered user.

Unregistered users can see that there are documents available, but can’t download them. On the other side registered users have no such limitations. They can review, download documents and use all other cool features for FREE.
Is it really FREE? Do I have to pay or do anything else if I open an account? Yes, totally free – no hidden costs or fine print. You don’t have to pay anything for opening an account. You don’t even need a credit card because this is not one of those 14-, 30- or “you name it” days trial versions. Simply use it for as long and as often as you like.
What do I need to run the Allchemist? You can use any device with an internet connection and a web browser to run Allchemist. Web browsers that work best are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 or higher.
Are my data safe and backed up? Absolutely. We use a 2048 bit certificate and support the 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption on every page so you're always protected. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant. That means that every file is written at multiple locations to prevent data loss.

Besides, our databases are regularly tested by professionals, who help banks, to ensure that Allchemist is bulletproof against unwanted hackers' attacks.
Can I test it? Of course! Just start by searching or formulating new excellent products when you’re ready.
Can I talk to someone? If you haven't found what you were looking for, please give us a call at +386 1 55 50 102. We don't use answering machines and will not keep you waiting. We hate that, too.

You can also use if you prefer writing. And don't worry. Info only means we all receive your e-mail and can give you a quick and accurate answer as quickly as possible.

If you want to contact someone directly, then Bojan (Head of Sales and Marketing) is the right person for you. You can reach him at

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