Why do I have to pay for minimum of 2 years?

According to our more than a decade-long experience and talking to chemical inspectors two years is a minimum life cycle of the product. Just consider how long it takes to make the product, get it out on the market and how long can somebody have it stored. For all this time you need to have valid documentation. The legislation even demands that you store all chemical documents for 10 years after the product has been first put on the market.

With us your (Material) safety data sheets, labels and safety instructions will always be updated and in compliance with the latest legislation.

Example: Let’s say your product contains a substance that becomes listed on the SVHC candidate list. According to REACH you are obligated to inform your customers about SVHC substances. As soon as this substance is listed, Allchemist includes a remark in a (M)SDS that the product contains a SVHC substance. (M)SDSs affected by this change are being modified automatically and you get a list of affected products, so you can double check it.

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