What if I have one product and several product names?

Let’s say you have one product that you’re selling under several product names. Or you even have one product that you market under several different product names – and you have different distributor for each of these product names.

With us that doesn’t mean more (Material) Safety Data Sheets. You are paying only for 1 (M)SDS under several product names. We do not charge anything for synonyms. We believe this is the only fair way to go.

Note: Synonym function is a great feature for cases where you have the same product (raw material or final product) under several commercial names or codes.

It allows you reformulating and editing (Material) Safety Data Sheets in bulk (a one-time action for all those products). This function also saves you additional costs as we do not charge additional (M)SDSs for the same product under several different names.

How to use the synonym function?

Using synonym function is easy. All you have to do is enter all the additional codes and names of certain product as shown below:

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