What do you mean by I don’t have to follow legislation?

We are experts on chemical legislation.

In short, (M)SDSs in Allchemist are regularly updated. You only create the (M)SDS for the first time and update the contents (if/when you like). Templates are then managed by Allchemist. In other words, you take care of the data and we take care of the form.

This means that you take care of the contents (like composition information, measures, properties etc.) and Allchemist takes care of the document structure, as well as local and regional compliance of the document. Allchemist also notifies you, if anything changes (e.g. substance classification etc.).

This means that you don’t have to follow legislation yourself – Allchemist does it for you and automatically modifies your (M)SDSs, when new requirements arrive. Therefore, this means that you will be notified of changes, but you won’t have to do anything because Allchemist will take care of it for you.

Example: You have created a (M)SDS for the Austrian market. Austrian authorities later start to require some additional information in all (M)SDSs that meet a specific criterion. Normally, your job is to identify affected documents and correct them accordingly. However, ff you created your (M)SDSs in Allchemist, these changes (additional requirements) will be done automatically.

How is that possible?

Allchemist team is here to follow and identify new regulations and requirements. After we learn about these requirements, we update the documents meeting these criteria.

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