The difference between create and order (M)SDS

We do it for you or you do it yourself would be the short answer.

If you choose ordering (M)SDS we do everything for you with a 100% WORRY-FREE guarantee. (This feature is coming very soon!)

Create (M)SDS is a great option for those organizations which have in-house Health, Safety and Environment experts or at least some know-how about chemical regulation.

Creating your (M)SDSs in Allchemist brings a lot of benefits:

  • Seamless management of your Material Safety Data Sheets
  • You will easily keep up with the last valid version of all (M)SDSs
  • Labels will be automatically created accordingly to the latest version of each (M)SDS
  • All the templates will be automatically updated according to the regulatory requirements
  • No back-ups and IT maintenance needed.

Example: You have created an (M)SDS for the Austrian market. Later, Austrian authorities start to require some additional information in all (M)SDSs that meet a specific criterion. Normally, your job is to identify the affected documents and correct them. If you created (M)SDSs in Allchemist, these changes (additional requirements) will be done automatically.

How is that possible?

Allchemist team is here to follow and identify new regulations and requirements. After we learn about these requirements, we update the documents meeting these criteria.

Note: With both options all of your (Material) Safety Data Sheets, print ready lables and safety instructions will always be updated and in compliance with the latest legislation.

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