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Allchemist puts the whole development process into new perspective. Instead of tiresome search, fancy but static PDFs and lengthy response time from representatives you get real benefits immediately. Here they are:

  • Optimize development process and save time
  • Skip the paperwork
  • Easy collaborate & share projects with your colleagues



  • Get closer to your customers
  • Provide better customer support with the same amount of resources
  • Go digital and have product portfolio always up to date and accessible anytime, anywhere.




Get to


Find raw materials by 120 different parameters and over 1000 properties.

Raw material


Paint manufacturers


Use starting formulations, develop your own or reformulate your products faster than ever before.

Stop wasting your time and talent by manually proccessing TDSs and SDSs.

Add your products to Allchemist so the formulators can find them and use them in their future projects.

Develop starting point (or guide) formulations and share them with your customers.

Stop walking around with PDF files and printed brochures - formulators need data not documents.

Create (M)SDSs in more than 30 languages that never go out of date.

Keep labels and (M)SDSs always up-to-date and in compliance with the latest legislation.

Don’t waste your time trying to keep up with constantly changing regulations.

Personalize all your (M)SDSs and labels so they suit your company’s requirements.

Go digital and create (M)SDSs in a form that makes them shareable by QR codes or links.

Create and print labels in no time or share them with your colleagues and customers.

Easily find the right materials for your next project and keep up with market needs.

Make your raw materials and starting formulations visible to growing community of formulators worldwide.

Allchemist brings raw material suppliers and formulators together 24/7.

Allchemist is a secure, web-based and easy to use digital platform that enables:

  • Simple search and comparison of raw materials
  • Development and optimization of formulations
  • Prompt composition and delivery of (material) safety data sheets, labels and safety instructions
  • Innovative, in-app branded visibility of your products
  • Effective sales and technical support on the spot

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Learn more about the R&D digitalization at the

European Coatings Show 2019 Conference

You can listen to Allchemist founder at the

European Coatings Show 2019 Conference

Mark the date: Tuesday, 19th of March, from 15:30 – 16:00 in Shanghai conference room

European Coatings Show recognized the future of the digitalization of the paint and coatings industry.

Bojan Buinac, founder of the Allchemist digital platform was accepted as a speaker among innovation leaders to discuss all the benefits that working with data in the cloud based platform instead of working with papers brings.

Bellow is his abstract:

"How Digitizing R&D can Bring Creativity and Efficiency Back to the Formulation ProcessMining data from printed or PDF fact sheets and playing with formulations in the lab to develop new products are two traditional but tedious component of the R&D process. But what if there were a better way?

This paper inquires as to whether there might be a better way forward, to increase efficiency, and thus promote creativity and free up formulators to do what they do best and are paid to do: create new products. Considering a two-step

streamlining that would revolutionize the paints and coatings R&D process, we ran experiments on the potential benefits of digital formulation development.

First findings of “research in progress” recommends a cloud-based approach, first to outsourcing data input of formulation sheets for chemicals in common repository and then harnessing the digitized data in order to experiment with chemical formulations virtually. By using digitizing as we recommended, we could vastly reduce non-value-added activities from 50 to even 90%."

Meet the speaker

Bojan Buinac

CEO, Owner of BENS Consulting and Co-founder of Allchemist

Bojan is the driving force and the brains behind Allchemist. Since the establishment of BENS Consulting in 1996, he has actively cooperated and formed the field of chemical regulatory affairs.

Recognizing the inefficiency of gathering and processing material data in R&D, and often outdated ways of handling the chemical documentation, Bojan invented the first digital solution for every part involved in the paint and coatings industry.


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Bojan Buinac, Allchemist Co-founder

"Come to listen to my presentation on Tuesday, 19th of March, from 15:30 – 16:00 in Shanghai conference room at European Coatings Show Conference in Nuremberg."

What did they say about

benefits of digital transformation in chemical industry?

"Applying digital approaches to marketing and sales in the chemical industry could be worth as much as $105 billion to $205 billion annually."

McKinsey & Company, Demystifying digital marketing and sales in the chemical industry, February 2017

"Preservation and further nurturing of the competitive edge in key areas will be important – areas such as innovation and complexity management, which are often brought to life by market dynamics and technological development. "

"Cloud-computing solutions generally lead to reduced cost of operations, enable virtualization and higher visibility of processes and operations,and better justification of digital dollars spent."

ATKearney, Chemical Industry Vision 2030: A European Perspective

Deloitte, The chemical multiverse 4.0; Promising future for the strong, decisive, and persistent

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