Managing work groups: invitations and members roles

How do I create my work group?

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the right tab – Work Group
  • Each user has one work group assigned to them by default.

How do I invite users to work group?

 You can invite anyone into your work group. You can invite people by entering their e-mail as shown below:

If an invited person is already an Allchemist user, they will receive an invitation to your work group, which they will have to confirm. After confirmation they will be added to your work group.

If an invited person is not an Allchemist user yet, they will receive an invitation, which they will have to confirm. Upon confirmation they will be redirected to the sign-up (registration) form. After completing registration, they will be added to your work group. Then they will start their 30-day free trial period. If they’ll wantto continue using Allchemist after expiration of the trial period, they’ll have to subscribe to Allchemist. You will not be charged for their use of Allchemist unless you decide so and include them in your billing account as well. Learn more about subscription here.

Note: Please be thoughtful when inviting new members to your work group. For the safety of your intellectual property, we suggest you keep your work among your co-workers, team members and people whom you feel comfortable sharing your work, private material database and chemical documentation with.

However, work groups can be of great help when it comes to suppliers and sales representatives who want to collaborate with their future and current clients in the same environment and demonstrate their starting point formulations and exact materials characteristics.

Work group invite Allchemist


How do I assign different roles to members of my work group?

Each user in a work group can have a different role and with it a different type of user rights. Please see the table with work group roles below.

In other words, this means that you can decide, which user will be able to edit or modify products and who will have read-only rights.

Note: work group members are not related to your billing account. This means that you can add as many work group members as you like, and you will not be charged for their Allchemist subscription account.

Understanding work group member roles and their user rights.

Below you can find a table with work group member roles and their respective user rights.

Note: You can change the role of each member of your work group anytime.



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