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Digital Future of Coatings Development is Here

This white paper was conducted based on the study titled Digitalizing the Paints and Coatings Development Process published in Processes (ISSN 2227-9717; CODEN: PROCCO), an international peer-reviewed open access journal.

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This white paper includes:

Why the traditional methods still in use by most paints and coatings firms function with a lot of added expense, and at a cumbersome pace?

How could be solutions from other industries borrowed in the paints & coatings?

A 2018 study used Allchemist to test comparable efficiencies in the experience of formulators of paints and coatings.

Explanation of the methodology used in the study.

Results of testing thoroughly explained.

What does enabling a digital R&D mean for the industry?

Learn how can you save up to 48% of the throughput time for conceiving and launching an entirely new product.

This paper presents brand new data that demonstrates that shifting to an outsourced, cloud-based technical enabler, in the form of a database application that allows for virtual experimentation, reduces non-value-added work by reducing throughput time for R&D departments in the paints and coatings industry.

These new studies indicate that this new phenomenon shows a revolutionary way forward towards increased profits for companies, happier and more productive staff, and a more sustainable future.


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Digital Future of Coatings Development is Here

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