How do I share materials with others?

Work group share

You can invite users to your work group or be invited in other work groups.

Work group is your group of colleagues and business partners you wish to work with. You can form a work group with any Allchemist user, the ones outside your billing account, too.

Work group members are the people that work on the same project or in the same groups or types of products and use the same materials.

It doesn’t matter who pays for their subscription. You can add as many work group members to each work group as you like, and this will not affect your subscription billing amount.

If you want to know more about work groups members and their user rights read this article.

Share material data via e-mail

You can share material data via e-mail. Person you are sharing the material data with doesn’t have to be an Allchemist user.

You can share material data by following these 3 easy steps described below:

  • Select one or more materials you want to share with someone via e-mail.

  • Click on Group Actions in the upper right corner and choose Share.

  • Insert the recipients e-mail and hit the share now

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