How do I know (M)SDS information is safe?

Chemical regulatory is the core of our business.

BENS Consulting business completely relies on accuracy of Chemius application as we create up to 4000 safety data sheets monthly. We test the application daily. Our services rely on this application.

We have spent 6 years developing and testing the (M)SDS management application.

Note: Here you can read more on the history of BENS Consulting, development of Chemius Expert and testimonials of our partners – from family-owned companies to global enterprises.

Allchemist was continuously tested on numerous occasions during the past 3 years. So, the results you get should be accurate and reliable. However, at this point Allchemist is not a full substitute for an expert. Allchemist is a a tool, not a substitute for real lab work. – You should still do the lab work (but that’s what you like doing, don’t you?).

Read this article for more information about the Allchemist security measures. Learn more about the company behind it and get a better sense of how we maintain safety and security of your data.

Additional: With the Order (M)SDS option the author of the (M)SDS will see only essential information required for its creation; the chemical composition of the mixture in terms of substances. We will not see your full formulation! 

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