Do I get a discount if I pay in advance?

Yes, you do.

We require a monthly fee for each created or ordered (M)SDS to be paid by credit card (the credit card in your billing account or the billing account you belong to). Annual payment or 2-year advance payment can be done by invoice. If you would like to pay for created or ordered (M)SDSs annually or in advance for the period of 2 years, please send us an e-mail at with the subject “Advance (M)SDS payment.”

Note: The minimum period is two (2) years. However, we make it simple to start and stop at any time. If you decide to cancel before two (2) years, you have two options:

  • Continue to pay on a monthly basis (by invoice, till expiry of one-year period)
  • Pay the remaining months in one amount (by invoice).

With annual payment, you get a 5% discount. With 2-year advance payment you get a 10% discount.