How to save time and money… and never worry
about SDSs again

A simpler and more economical online solution for creating or ordering your SDSs

How do you create, update and share your chemical documentation? PDFs? Word? Some other time-consuming, costly programme? These static SDSs are boring, can’t follow legislation or composition changes, are difficult to share and are pain to store or keep track of.

That’s why we spent six years (on top of 20 more years of experience) building an SDS management system that is easy to use and takes into account your wants and needs. And above all it gives you more time to focus on other important matters. Now you can store, manage and share SDSs online easily and painlessly.

4 reasons why you’ll love this service

Allchemist gives you certainty and comfort


72 hours to get SDS in 25 EU languages
Adjusted to fit the local regulations
Label adjusted to SDS content
Safety instruction included


All SDSs at one place
Available anytime, anywhere
Send them easily and instantly – via email,
links or QR codes
Spend all the saved time more profitably


SDS with your logo on it
Direct contact with real experts
Adjusted to best fit your business


100% RISK-FREE guarantee
Provides the correct classification of the product
Shows you adequate transport data

We take care of 26,384 SDSs in 25 languages

Choose a solution that’s right for you

Create your own SDS

€49 per SDS

You do it yourself.
(This is for you if you have ever prepared at least one SDS yourself.)

NO guarantee

You get a draft SDS based on prior steps. In each section of the SDS you have an Edit option enabling you to customize it according to your special needs and wants. You get your SDS in PDF form directly in your email.

Create 3 SDSs for FREE

Order your SDS

79 per SDS

Experts do it for you.
(This is for you if want to be sure your SDS is 100% correct.)

100% worry—free guarantee for 12 months

Professional expert creates your SDS and sends it to you for confirmation. You have contact with the expert at all times, so we can adjust SDS to your suggestions.

Order 3 SDSs for FREE

*Can't decide? You can create or order 3 SDSs for FREE and without obligations! Or give Bojan Dimic (Head of marketing and sales) a call at 386 51 603 763 to help you choose the best option for you.

Completely outsourced SDS management

You get a draft SDS based on prior steps. In each section of the SDS you have an Edit option enabling you to customize it according to your special needs and wants. You get your SDSs in PDF form directly in your e-mailbox.

What our clients have to say

From garage firms to household names


In the past, we produced safety data sheets manually in Microsoft Word format, however, that procedure was quite time consuming. Today, this is our competitive advantage.

- Sašo Kronovšek, CEO

VUKI as.

Without using such a service we can hardly follow legislative CLP and REACH registration and never be able to process so many documents.

- Jana Porubenska, Head of Sales


Your politeness, professionalism and up-to-dateness are definitely you biggest advantages and we know how to appreciate them.

- Robert Breznik, Sales manager

You can laugh at product development worries —
if you use this simple but powerful tool.

Things you might be curious about

Why 3 SDSs for FREE? When you buy a car, don’t you want to take it for a test drive? It’s the same here. We want to give you the opportunity to test every possibility and see which one suits you best.
What’s the difference between Create and Order (your SDS)? Know-how and 100% WORRY-FREE guarantee is the short answer!

If you choose “Create” then you don’t get warranty and you take responsibility for the quality of your SDS; assuming that you have some know-how about the subject.

If you choose “Order” then we do it for you in full, give you a 100% WORRY-FREE guarantee and answer your questions if you have any. In the meantime you can relax and work on other important matters.
What do I get? In both options you get an SDS according to latest CLP legislation (see sample), label (see sample) and safety instructions (see sample).
Can I have just an SDS? No, you can’t. Labels and SDS are inseparably connected. The same content as on SDS must also be be on corresponding label. And as we give you a 100% WORRY-FREE guarantee we want to be sure this is aligned. That’s why you get all three — an SDS, a label and a safety instruction — in a package.
What’s the process? Create option: You can edit the SDSs (after you’ve chosen this solution) and confirm it when you’re satisfied with it. Then you’re invited to login (if you’re not already logged in) and confirm the payment. Afterwards you receive this SDS in your e-mailbox.

Order option: After choosing this solution, you are invited to login (if you’re not already logged in) and confirm the payment. Afterwards we create the SDS for you and send it to you for review. If you need any adjustments we do that as well. Otherwise, you can use it freely.
I have just remembered that I need to change something - do I need to pay again? Of course not. You have 8 days from the moment you’ve created your SDS to update it. The same applies for Order solution. That’ll give you enough time to review it and finalize it.
Why the difference in pricing? The "Create" solution does not involve our work. You take the responsibility. We only give you the tool that enables you to create your SDS in minutes instead of days. So for these reasons you pay less than in tha "Order" solution.
Are there any additional charges? No, there are NO extra fees. We only charge per SDS. The price does not depend on time period, size of your company or how many pages SDS has. There’s no set-up fee, no updates fee, no license fee. No hidden costs means nothing extra. It’s the way we would want it and hopefully you do too!
Do you give returns? We offer a 30-days money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you’re not satisfied with the service let us know and we will give you your money back. What we would appreciate is that you tell us what was broken — so we can fix it and do a better job.
What do you mean by a 100% WORRY-FREE guarantee? Two things to keep you safe and worry-free. Firstly, we defend the prepared SDSs we do in front of authorities or explain how and why we did it to anyone that has any questions. And secondly, if a local authority demands to adjust something in the SDS, we do it free of charge. The guarantee is limited to 12 months because chemical legislation is changing so rapidly that SDSs need to be updated on a regular basis.
Are my data safe and backed up? Absolutely. We use a 2048 bit certificate and support the 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption on every page so you're always protected. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant. That means that every file is written at multiple locations to prevent data loss. And our databases are regularly tested by professionals, who help banks keeping data safe.
Can I order more than one SDS? Both "Create" and "Order" solutions are based on the “need to do basis”. In other words; you order an SDS when you’ve developed a product and need to do just the last step — chemical documentation. But there’s nothing preventing you to order more than one SDS. You can create your personalized offer in less than 90 seconds here or simply learn more about the third solution here.

And if you don’t have time but would like to speak to someone to quickly find solution for you, then please give me (Bojan Dimic, head of sales and marketing) a call at +386 1 55 50 102. This is his direct number.
What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, and you will be charged in Euro. Allchemist does not accept cheques, postal orders, or pay by phone.
Can I talk to someone? If you haven't found what you were looking for, please give us a call at +386 1 55 50 102. We don't use answering machines and will not keep you waiting. We hate that, too.

You can also use if you prefer writing. And don't worry. Info only means we all receive your e-mail and can give you a quick and accurate answer as quickly as possible.

If you want to contact someone directly, then Bojan (Head of Sales and Marketing) is the right person for you. You can reach him at

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